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World Coins - Current Inventory

Please note that nearly all of my currently available inventory of World Coins is listed below.  I will sometimes have a few additional items which are listed exclusively in my store on eBay.  Of course, I will be able to offer you a better price on those items if you contact me directly and we complete the deal outside of eBay.  Thank you in advance and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Click on the photos or prices below for a detailed description and larger photos of each coin.

440-404 BC Athens Attica Tetradrachm Athena Owl NGC AU 5/5 4/5

Amazing Example of Popular Ancient



1879-M Australia Gold Sovereign NGC AU58 St. George

Slightly Proof-Like & Near Mint



1486 Austria Guldiner NGC MS67 1953 Silver Restrike

Impressive Design w/ Video



1859 Austria Statue in Prague Bronze Medal Horsky-7565 NGC MS63BN

Beautiful High Relief Large Medal



1967 Bahamas New Zealand 2 Cent Mule NGC MS65RB

Popular 20th Century Mule in Gem



1967 Bahamas New Zealand 2 Cent Mule PCGS MS64RD 30th Ann. Label

Bright Red w/ Planchet Streaks



1909-H Bolivia 20 Centavos PCGS MS64

Light Pretty Rim Toning



1867 Brazil 200 Reis PCGS AU58

Nearly Mint State w/ Golden Color



1907 Canada 10 Cents PCGS AU53

Nice Luster; Obverse Planchet Flaw



1908 Canada 25 Cents PCGS F15

Decent Original Look



1917 Canada Cent PCGS MS64BN

Attractive Near Gem Cent



1944-C Newfoundland 5 Cent PCGS MS62

Semi-Prooflike w/ Decent Toning



1967 Canada 10 Cents PCGS PL64

Blue Green Toning



1971 Canada British Columbia Silver Dollar PCGS SP68

Impressive Colorful Toning



1971 Canada British Columbia Silver Dollar PCGS SP67

Pretty Purple & Blue Colors



1971 Canada British Columbia Silver Dollar PCGS SP67

Beautifully Toned Example



1971 Canada British Columbia Silver Dollar PCGS SP67

Lovely Blue Obverse Tone



1971 Canada British Columbia Silver Dollar PCGS SP66

Great Colors w/ TrueView



1972 Canada Voyageur Silver Dollar PCGS SP66

Pretty Blue Reverse



1972 Canada Voyageur Silver Dollar PCGS SP66

Spectacular Reverse Toning



1901 France 2 Centimes PCGS MS64RB

Nearly Full Red Color



1909 France 50 Centimes PCGS MS64

Lustrous Near Gem



1917 France Franc PCGS MS63

Great Looking Example



1918 France Franc PCGS MS62

Beautiful Classic Design



1907-F Germany Wurttemberg Proof 2 Mark PCGS PR65+CAM

High End Proof w/ Color



1914-E Germany Mark PCGS MS67+

Nice Original Toning



1918-D Germany 1/2 Mark PCGS MS68

Ultra High Grade Stunner



1956-G Germany Mark PCGS AU58

Attractive Piece w/ Light Wear



1972-G Germany 10 Mark Munich Olympics PCGS MS64

Rainbow Toning w/ TrueView Photo



1737 Great Britain 2 Pence Maundy PCGS MS62

Earlier Mint State Maundy 2D



1821 Great Britain George IV Coronation Medal NGC MS63BN

Flashy and Prooflike



1902 Great Britain 1 Pence Maundy PCGS PL67+

Very Pretty High-Grade Maundy



1907 Great Britain 4D Maundy PCGS MS66 OGH

Beautiful Maundy Money in OGH



1928 Great Britain Crown NGC AU58

Low Mintage



1835.(c) Indian Rupee PCGS AU Details

Details Grade w/ Reverse Scratch



1949 Israel 5 Pruta w/ Pearl PCGS MS65+RB

Colorful Rim Toning



1964 Israel 5 Agorot PCGS MS63

Key Date



1971 Israel 10 Lirot Let My People Go NGC MS65*

Monster Toned Obverse



1382-1400 Italy Gold Ducat Venice FR-1229 NGC MS64

Well Struck with Amazing Detail



1964 Japan 1000 Yen Tokyo Olympic Games NGC MS66

High Grade w/ Attractive Toning



1960 Jersey Proof 1/12 Shilling PCGS PR65RB

Proof w/ Colorful Reverse



1924 Latvia 1 Lats PCGS MS62

Very Lustrous Mint State



1921-Mo Mexico 2 Peso PCGS AU55

Attractive and Popular Design



1982-Mo Mexico Onza PCGS MS67

Rainbow Toned Silver Onza



1983-Mo Mexico Onza ANACS MS65

Rainbow Toned Silver Onza



1985-Mo Mexico Onza PCGS MS67

Bold Obverse Toning



1985-Mo Mexico Onza PCGS MS66

Lightly Toned and Pretty



1978 Norway 50 Kroner King Olav V NGC MS66*

Stunningly Colorful and Flashy



1909-S U.S.-Philippines One Centavo PCGS MS65RB

Nearly Full Red Gem



1909-S U.S.-Philippines 50 Centavos PCGS Genuine

Toned w/ Strong AU Details



1947-S Philippines MacArthur 50 Centavos Accugrade MS67

High Grade Toned MacArthur



(1945-46) Saudi Arabia 4 Pounds Gold Disk U.S. Mint PCGS AU58

Popular U.S. Mint Gold Disk



2009 Ukraine 100 Hyrvnias Year of Astronomy One Kilo Silver w/ Topaz

Beautiful Design w/ Low Mintage



U.S. Coins


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