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1909 Mint Set

Hobo Nickel Style Hand Carved 25-Piece Puzzle Coin SOLD
Hobo Nickel Style Hand Carved 25-Piece Puzzle Coin
Hobo Nickel Style Hand Carved 25-Piece Puzzle Coin
Hobo Nickel Style Hand Carved 25-Piece Puzzle Coin
Hobo Nickel Style Hand Carved 25-Piece Puzzle Coin
SOLD 3/13/16

This amazing piece of numismatic art was the idea of Don Berry. First, Don had a 2011 Gettysburg America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Bullion Quarter hand cut into a 25-piece puzzle by Jeremy Barrett of Coin Cut Art.

Don then sent the individual puzzle pieces to fellow artists and carvers of hobo nickels. The artists who participated in this project were located all over the World and most carved their pieces of the puzzle without knowing what the other pieces would ultimately look like. Of course, as you can see in the finished project, some of the artists who obtained adjoining pieces obviously collaborated in their designs.

Over the period of several months, the individual pieces of this puzzle coin were carved by the following artists: Pedro Villarrubia, Blanca De La Hoz, Joe Paonessa, James Boudreau, Sean Bennington, John Schipp, Mike Lyness, Ben Proctor, Will Clark, Matthew Hagermann, Simone Cervellati, Jay DeBoer, Robbie Morris, Shane Hunter, Barb Hunter, Adam Leech, Lou Acker, Don Berry, David Raymond, Paolo Curcio, Jared Eason, Chris DeFlorentis, Harry Caldwell IV.

The artists were united in their efforts on this project with the goal of supporting their friend and fellow artist, Andy Gonzales.  All proceeds of the auction will go to the Gonzales Family to help them with medical expenses.

This impressive creation of the community of hobo nickel artists has stunning detail and is so much more amazing in hand than any photos can show. The puzzle coin will be on display at my table at the Buena Park coin show March 12-13 for those of you in Southern California who wish to experience this masterpiece in person.

A unique opportunity to obtain this awesome piece of art produced by over 20 well-known carvers of hobo nickels.

Because of the difficulty in capturing the overall look of the coin in a single image, I have also included a short high-definition video of the coin towards the bottom of this listing in an attempt to give you a better idea of what this coin will look like in hand. Please note that you may need to adjust the video quality to 1080p and may need to increase the size of the video to full screen in order to see the coin in maximum detail.

Obverse Photo (Full Size)
Obverse Image w/ Pieces Pulled Apart (Full Size)
Reverse Image w/ Pieces Pulled Apart (Full Size)
Alternate Obverse Image (Full Size)
Alternate Obverse Image (Full Size)
Reverse Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece A Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece B Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece C Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece D Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece E Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece F Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Pieces G & H Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece I Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece J Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece K Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece L Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece M Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Pieces N & S Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Pieces O & T Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece P Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece Q Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Pieces R & W Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece U Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece V Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece X Image (Full Size)
Puzzle Piece Y Image (Full Size)
YouTube Video
If you wish to order or if you have any questions about this coin, please contact us at (818) 451-9199 or email mike@kittlecoins.com

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