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1877-S Trade Dollar "Box Dollar" Engraved Locket SOLD
1877-S Trade Dollar Box Dollar Engraved Locket
Here is an interesting piece which is commonly called a “Box Dollar” or “Opium Dollar.” These coins are original silver dollars which have been transformed into piece which opens up like a locket or small box. Once closed, the piece appears to be a normal silver dollar. Typically, the pieces were used to hold a small photo of a loved one or a small lock of hair. Some believe the pieces were used to smuggle small amounts opium, though not much could be held in such a coin. The example here is made from an 1877-S Trade Dollar and is in nice condition. When close, the coin appears to be a typical Trade Dollar with strong XF/almost AU details. The reverse of the coin (which opens up) has several light scratches, particularly at the top of the coin where the hinge is concealed. Some of the scratches may have been made when the piece was being made into a Box Dollar, while others were likely made by those who did not know the secret to open the piece. By pressing down just above the ES of STATES on the reverse, the lid of the Box Dollar pops open and can be slid down slight to allow it to open, as seen in the photos. Once open, the interior of the coin is really neat with an appealing brushed silver pattern. The small area in the center is covered with a thin film which may be mica and presumably was used to protect a photo at one time. The inside of the lid is beautifully engraved “Friday the 13th July 1906” which is likely when this piece was made or gifted to a love one. An overall very nice example of the popular “Box Dollar.”
Obverse Image Reverse Image
Large Photo (Full Size)
Large Obverse Image
Large Reverse Image
Coin Slight Open Image
Coin Fully Open Image
Inside Engraving Image
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