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1931-S Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS64 CAC DOILY SOLD
1931-S Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS64 CAC
Here is a 1931-S Buffalo Nickel which has been graded MS64 by PCGS and is housed in one of the very rare Doily label PCGS holders. The coin has also been certified by CAC as being solid for the assigned grade. This version of the PCGS holder was only used for a couple of weeks during late-1989 before it was quickly phased out. Accordingly, it has been reported that only a few hundred coins in this style of holder are known to exist today and they are highly sought after by collectors. Typically, when you find a PCGS Doily holder they will be of common coins like Morgan Dollars and Mercury Dimes; Buffalo Nickels in these holders are considerably more scarce. The 1931-S date is also a better low mintage date that is a favorite with collectors. The coin is bright white and has very strong mint luster on both sides. The coin has a slightly better than average strike for the date and appears to be a very strong specimen for the assigned grade. The two-piece Doily holder is also in good condition considering it is over 25 years old now, with just a small amount of plastic chipped off the upper reverse of the outer stacking ring just above the label. Here's your chance to get a better date Buffalo Nickel in the popular Doily holder!
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