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1914 Proof Barber Quarter NGC PF68* SOLD
1914 Proof Barber Quarter NGC PF68*
Hands down, this is one of the most spectacular proof Barber Quarters I have seen. This 1914 Proof Barber Quarter has been graded PF68* by NGC. The star designation is given by NGC to coins with exceptional eye appeal. Sometimes, you will see coins on the market that have received the star designation from NGC and you may wonder why as the coin may seem relatively average. That is not the case with this coin as it is easily deserving of the NGC star for exceptional eye appeal. The color of the coin is amazing and completely covers both sides. Capturing that color accurately in a single image is nearly impossible given the strongly mirrored proof fields of the coin. I have included several images and a video of the coin to help show you the overall look. The obverse is a mostly green and golden color which deepens to a more blue color in the center of the design and concentrates in an orange and pink band near the rim. The reverse is similarly toned with the colors slightly more vibrant near the center of the design and near the rims. Not only is the toning of this coin impressive, but the ultra high level of perseveration of this coin is fantastic. Only a couple of tiny marks can be found on this coin under magnification and some time to try to find them. Only 380 Proof Barber Quarters were minted in 1914 and this example has to be one of the finest overall surviving specimens. There are three (3) examples listed in the NGC Census at PF68* with no examples grading higher. The coin is about as close to the perfect high grade colorfully toned Proof Barber Quarter as you can ever hope for.

Because of the difficulty in capturing the overall look of the coin in a single image, I have also included a short high-definition video of the coin towards the bottom of this listing in an attempt to give you a better idea of what this coin will look like in hand. Please note that you may need to adjust the video quality to 1080p and may need to increase the size of the video to full screen in order to see the coin in maximum detail.

Holder Obverse Image Holder Reverse Image
Large Photo (Full Size)
Holder Obverse Image (Full Size)
Holder Reverse Image (Full Size)
Alternate Obverse Image (Full Size)
Alternate Reverse Image (Full Size)
Alternate Obverse Image (Full Size)
YouTube Video
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