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1943-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67 OGH SOLD
1943-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67 OGH
Zinc-coated Steel Lincoln Cents, which were issued in 1943 because of the increased demand for copper in connection with World War II, have been popular among collectors almost since the day they were issued. This 1943-S Lincoln Steel Cent has been graded MS67 by PCGS and is encapsulated in an old green label holder which is approximately twenty years old. Although there are many examples of the wartime Lincoln Steel Cent in the MS67 grade available on the market at any given time, this example is not your average MS67 steel cent. High grade steel cents will typically have a more flat or satin finish look to them with minimal flash. The coin offered here reflective fields that are somewhat proof like and which exhibit a great deal of die polish lines that are evident of the freshly worked dies that gave rise to the proof like appearance of this coin. The dies for this coin have been polished so much that portions of the design are missing such as some of the detail of the lower right corner of Lincolnís clothing and much of Lincolnís neck. The devices of this coin also show a bit of cameo contrast in relation to the deeper fields when light just right. Alternative photos of the coin have been provided as well which attempt to hide the proof like fields in order to give you a better idea of how the coin will look in hand. A couple of darker spots can be found on the coin, including one on Lincolnís beard and one at the back of Lincolnís head. Overall, the coin is certainly better than the average MS67 steel cent and has tons of eye appeal.
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