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1893 Columbian Expo World Globe Dollar HK-174 NGC MS65 SOLD
1893 Columbian Expo World Globe Dollar HK-174 NGC MS65
The 1893 World Columbian Exposition held in Chicago to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World was one of the largest and most popular World’s Fairs in history. Many numismatic items were struck in connection with the Columbian Exposition from the first commemorative coins of the United States to nearly a hundred different so-called dollars. This is the so-called World Globe Dollar from the Columbian Exposition which is listed as HK-174 in the Hibler-Kappen book on So-Called Dollars and has been graded MS65 by NGC. The obverse features a overview of the buildings and grounds of the exposition and the reverse is a depiction of the 1492 Landing of Columbus in America. On both sides, a large globe is found in the background of each scene. This aluminum medal is very well struck and has nice cartwheel luster. The open areas of the fields around the rims are also somewhat prooflike. Some minor marks can be found with a close inspection, but there are no major issues present on this gem specimen. A wonderful example of this popular so-called dollar from the Columbian Exposition.
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