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1967 Bahamas New Zealand 2 Cent Mule PCGS MS66RD SOLD
1967 Bahamas New Zealand 2 Cent Mule PCGS MS66RD
This is a really neat error coin called a mule. Although the coin is actually undated, it was minted in 1967 when the obverse die of the Bahamas 5 cent piece was erroneously paired with the reverse die of the New Zealand 2 cent piece. This is a highly collectible variety as it's a coin from two different countries in one. Not only is this a really neat error coin, but this is now the highest graded example ever certified by PCGS and there are none graded better. A couple years ago, I sold the previous finest known example of this mule variety which was the sole graded PCGS MS65RD example. However, this coin has recently topped the population reports as the sole example grading PCGS MS66RD with no others certified in that grade and none grading higher. This coin is a very bright red color and very strong cartwheel luster that makes the coin appear as bright and flashy as a freshly minted example. Under magnification, as is the case with my photos, some minor imperfections can be found, but when viewed in hand those same issues are hardly noticed. If you wish to own the finest known example of this popular mule coin, then this is the one for you.
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