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1909-S U.S.-Philippines One Peso NGC AU53 SOLD
1909-S U.S.-Philippines One Peso NGC AU53
This coin was minted at the San Francisco Mint for use in the Philippines which were a territory of the United States at the time. Because they were minted for use in a U.S. Territory, minted at the U.S. Mint in the United States and the coins say “United States of America” on them, many U.S. collectors are now starting to collect the U.S. Philippines coinage along with their U.S. coin collections. Even the Red Book of U.S. Coins has expanded their listings of USPI coinage, see pages 415-419 of the 2015 edition (411-415 of the 2014 edition). This coin is a 1909-S U.S.-Philippines One Peso which has been graded AU53 by NGC and is encapsulated in a newer-style edge-view holder. The coin has light circulation wear on the high points of Lady Liberty on the obverse and on the eagle’s breast on the reverse. The obverse is mostly a medium grey color with just a bit of original mint luster. The reverse seems to have a bit stronger luster and is fully toned with plenty of color. The reverse color really pops when tilted into direct light as you can see in the alternate reverse image I have included. An interesting looking AU example of the 1909-S U.S.-Philippines Peso.
Holder Obverse Image Holder Reverse Image
Large Photo (Full Size)
Holder Obverse Image (Full Size)
Holder Reverse Image (Full Size)
Alternate Reverse Image (Full Size)
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