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1896 Bryan Dollar HK-781 PCGS AU55 SOLD
1896 Bryan Dollar HK-781 PCGS AU55
In the late 19th Century there was an imbalance between the value of silver in a silver dollar vs. the value of gold in a gold dollar. While both coins had a face value of one dollar, the value of the metal content was significantly different in that the gold in a dollar was worth roughly double than the silver in a silver dollar. The So-Called Bryan Dollars were produced to illustrate this concept. The 1896 Bryan Dollars are much larger than a typical silver dollar of the time to show the size of silver dollar that would be necessary to equal the value of the gold in the gold dollar. There are several varieties of Bryan Dollars, all of which are popular amongst collectors of So-Called Dollars and political exonumia. This example offered here is a uniface piece (smooth reverse) made by Gorham Mfg. Co., Silversmiths struck from 823 grains of .900 fine coin silver and is listed as HK-781 in the Hibler-Kappen reference on So-Called Dollars. This 1896 HK-781 Bryan Dollar has been graded AU55 by PCGS and is encapsulated in one of their oversize holders. The medal is lightly toned on both sides in a medium grey and golden color. The piece shows some evidence of light wear, thought it is very difficult to determine on a piece like this with only text and a uniface reverse. There are some light scratches on the reverse and a couple of minor rim bumps, which were likely enough evidence of handling to rule out the assignment of a mint state grade. Please note that the plastic holder has many fine marks and scratches, some of which are exaggerated in the photos and do not appear on the medal itself. A decent PCGS graded example of the popular Bryan Dollar.
Holder Obverse Image Holder Reverse Image
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Holder Obverse Image (Full Size)
Holder Reverse Image (Full Size)
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