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1857 Flying Eagle Cent FS-901 Clash PCGS VF30 EEPS SOLD
1857 Flying Eagle Cent FS-901 Clash PCGS VF30 EEPS
Several multi-denomination die clash errors were produced by the U.S. Mint in 1857. This die clash variety is found on an 1857 Flying Eagle Cent which has had the reverse die clashed with the reverse die of a Seated Liberty Quarter. The variety is a popular die clash variety which is designated as FS-901 in the Cherrypickers' Guide and as Snow-8 by Flying Eagle and Indian Cent expert Richard Snow. This example of the 1857 Flying Eagle Cent clashed with the reverse clashed with a Seated Liberty Quarter FS-901 Snow-8 has been graded VF30 by PCGS and is encapsulated in one of the newer-style edge-view holders. The slab also features an Eagle Eye Photo Seal sticker as well as a separate laminated card hand-signed by Richard Snow indicating that the coin is a nice example for the assigned grade. The coin is a medium brown color with brighter golden highlights on the high points of the design. Although it can be difficult to make out on lower graded examples, the clashing can be seen clearly on the reverse of this piece upon a close inspection. A decent example for the grade of this multi-denomination clash.
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