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1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo HK-302 PCGS MS65 SOLD
1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo HK-302 PCGS MS65
The 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Official Souvenir Medal was produced for the 1904 St. Louis fair where the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase was celebrated. These official souvenir medals were struck in various metal compositions including silver, gold, gold-plated bronze, copper, yellow-bronze, bronze and gilt. Approximately 90,000 medals were struck in total at the Mint Exhibit located on the fairgrounds. This example of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Official Souvenir Medal was struck in Yellow-Bronze and is listed as HK-302 in the Hibler-Kappen reference on So-Called Dollars. This 1904 HK-302 Medal has been graded MS65 by PCGS and is encapsulated in a newer-style edge-view holder. The medal is very bright and lustrous on both sides and has a very even bright yellow-gold color with no spotting. There are some light handling marks on the high points of the obverse which features the busts of Jefferson and Napoleon, but they do not overly distract. The reverse, which features a map of the United States and an outline of the Louisiana Purchase, is very attractive and nearly mark free. Please note that there are some light scuffs on the plastic holder which blur the photo slightly. To date, PCGS has only certified three (3) examples of the HK-302 in MS65 condition (including the present specimen) with no examples grading higher. A really nice overall example of this popular medal in the highest PCGS grade currently available.
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