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1875-S Twenty Cents NGC MS61 SOLD
1875-S Twenty Cents NGC MS61
The 1875-S twenty cent piece is a very popular type coin and a favorite of collectors building type sets as the 1875-S is the most common date in the series and is relatively affordable in higher grades. This example is not your average 1875-S however. This 1875-S Twenty Cent has been graded MS61 by NGC and is encapsulated in one of their newer-style edge-view holders. Although not designated as proof-like or PL by NGC, the coin exhibits substantial proof-like fields on both sides. I have included alternate photos of the coin in an attempt to better show the reflective fields. In fact, this coin is the BF-1 variety which was struck from the same dies that struck the few branch mint proof specimens of the 1875-S Twenty Cent piece. Although not attributed as the BF-1 variety by NGC, several die markers are present on the coin which clearly match those found on the handful of certified proof specimens. The fields are very reflective and show many small hairlines, typical of a coin of this grade. The coin is also lightly toned along the rims with a narrow band of attractive red-orange color that transitions to an electric blue. A very interesting mint-state Twenty Cent piece struck from proof dies.
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Holder Obverse Image (Full Size)
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Alternate Reverse Image (Full Size)
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