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1967 Bahamas/New Zealand Two Cent Mule ANACS MS64RB SOLD
1967 Bahamas/New Zealand Two Cent Mule ANACS MS64RB
This is a really neat error coin called a mule. Although the coin is actually undated, it was minted in 1967 when the obverse die of the Bahamas 5 cent piece was erroneously paired with the reverse die of the New Zealand 2 cent piece. This is a highly collectible variety as it's a coin from two different countries in one. Not only is this a really neat error coin, but it is a relatively high grade example. This example of the 1967 Bahamas/New Zealand 2 Cent Mule has been graded MS64RB by ANACS and is encapsulated in the older small white ANACS holder from many years ago. The coin is nearly full red and has very strong original mint luster. Only some light spotting, most likely the remnants of faint fingerprints, keep the coin from grading higher and probably from grading as a full red coin. Please note that the spotting is somewhat exaggerated in the extreme close up photos provided and is much less offensive in hand. Otherwise, the coin is free of major hits or marks and is a very high end example for this popular variety.
Holder Obverse Image Holder Reverse Image
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Holder Obverse Image (Full Size)
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