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1909-S/S Lincoln Cent RPM FS-1501 PCGS MS63+BN SOLD
1909-S/S Lincoln Cent RPM FS-1501 PCGS MS63+BN
The 1909-S Lincoln Cent is one of the key date issues in the Lincoln Cent series. Not only is it a first year of issue coin, but it's low mintage of 1,825,000 coins has made it popular amongst collectors from nearly the day they were minted. There are two major repunched mintmark varieties of 1909-S Lincoln Cents. The much more common RPM variety is designated as FS-1502 in the Cherrypickers' Guide and is commonly referred to as the S over Horizontal S variety. The FS-1502 is so common that there is relatively little premium given to attributed examples. The other major RPM, designated as FS-1501 is much more scarce. The FS-1501 features a relatively easy to see S repunched over an underlying S just to the northeast. To illustrate the scarcity, in looking at the PCGS Population Report of certified examples, there are approximately thirty-five (35) examples of the FS-1502 attributed for every FS-1501 attributed and the true spread is likely greater considering many FS-1502 varieties are not attributed given the expense of attribution and the relatively small premium. This example of the scarce FS-1501 1909-S/S Lincoln Cent has been graded MS63+BN by PCGS. To date, only thirty-four (34) examples of this variety have been attributed by PCGS in all grades. Of those, only ten (10) examples have been graded higher than this coin (2 in 64BN, 2 in 64RB, 2 in 65RB, 1 in 66RB, 2 in 65RD and 1 in 66RD). This example is a very pretty coin with plenty of original mint red color near the devices and other protected areas of the piece. The coin exhibits decent luster and only a few minor hits seen under magnification. There are no major marks or spotting of note and the coin really does have the look of a higher graded example. It is not instantly clear why PCGS awarded the coin a plus grade instead of assigning the coin the next point higher. A beautiful overall uncirculated example of this tough first-year Lincoln Cent variety.
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