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1942-P Proof Jefferson War Nickel NGC PF64 SOLD
1942-P Proof Jefferson War Nickel NGC PF64
In 1942, two types of proof Jefferson Nickels were minted. The first type was the traditional 75% copper-25% nickel alloy used to make nickels for many years. With the outbreak of World War II, nickel was a vital resource for the war effort so much so that the Mint changed the composition of the nickel to 56% copper-35% silver-9% manganese during 1942 and the so-called silver "war nickel" was born. 1942 was the only time that War Nickels were available in proof finish and not very many were made. Only 27,600 Type 2 proof nickels were minted in 1942 with the wartime silver alloy. This example of the 1942-P Jefferson War Nickel has been graded PF64 by NGC. The coin is not your average PF64 example, however. This coin exhibits significant cameo contrast between the frosted devices and the mirrored fields, something that is not typical on proof War Nickels. The coin also has a nice light golden toning over both sides of the coin that completely covers each side except for a small untoned patch on the obverse through Jeffersonís head. In direct light, the toning difference is almost unnoticeable. But when tilted out of the light, it is much more apparent and is the only significant distraction of note. In fact, without that untoned area, I believe this coin could have graded a couple of points higher as the rest of the coin is all there and free of major marks or hits. A great looking example of the only proof silver wartime nickel.
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